Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Jade Oolong

This is Arbor Tea's organic Jade oolong.
The tea is a Taiwanese tea, produced in Nantuo. I am not sure about what year, but I am assuming it is from last year's batch.

The dry leaf smells of roasted graham, honey clover, and in the background there is a light, wavering floral aspect. The small pearls are inconsistent as far as size, shape, and color are concerned, but they are not at all a bad looking bunch of leaves.

The teapot is filled, and there is the slightest detection of the aroma of the leaf inside.

The liquor brings forth toasty, sweet, and almost a caramel type scent. On the palate; hay, and sweet calendula.
The texture is nice and brothy, and coats the mouth quite well.
As it cools, a saline aspect is brought out.

The second immersion in water creates a liquid that is very heavy, with a weak aroma, and a flat, dull taste.

I decide to stop the session.
This is not a horrible tea, but it was a bit boring.
Could I drink this as an everyday oolong? Definitely I could.
But could I have another rousing session with it, definitely not. It does not hold my interest.

I have been very pleased with all of the Arbor Tea samples that I have tried thus far, so this was a bit surprising.
You win some, you lose some.



  1. 2nd infusion, dead? Yikes. :/

    As usual, your tea prowess amazes me. Sweet calendula? Holy moly, I have no idea what calendula tastes like either.

  2. P.S. Might you review one of the samples I sent sometime soon? I'm curious to know what you think of them. :)

  3. Fox,

    Yeah it is not often that a tea bores me! This one just did not have anything special to offer. And thank you kindly!

    As far as samples go, they are my next set to review! It has just been hard to balance school work, social life, tea, and my spiritual life. But indeed I hope to get some of your teas reviewed ASAP. I am just finishing up the Arbor tea samples, then your teas are up!

  4. Strange...
    On the second immersion, no taste?
    Too bad.

  5. Ice,

    I just did not find it interesting. There was still taste, but it was bland.