Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dorm Life

I have successfully moved into the dorm and am assimilating quite nicely!
The floor that I am on is filled with great people and I am excited to participate in the social events and such.
Anderson, Indiana is a great place!

As far as tea goes, I have brought a few of my things and organized them and used them!
I will be back to regular posting now that most of the freshman events are through, and classes start on August 30th.

A new environment will have a good effect overall for me.



  1. This dorm tea scene looks fantastic! Congratulations on stepping into a new chapter of your life!

  2. Gingko,

    Thank you! I did the best with what I had. I love making tea here!

  3. Tea in the dorm. :P
    Sounds great.

  4. Ice,

    It is very nice! I have been serving countless cups of tea ever since I moved in haha

  5. I remember my starting was a great time for me. Now I live in a college town and I really love the start of the brings back lots of happy memories for well as new beginnings of my people start showing up at the swing dances and the other student groups I am involved in, and the quiet little town I'm in comes alive.

    I also went to college in the Oberlin, Ohio. I've driven through Indiana a number of times, and stopped in a few places, but I've never been to Anderson. But if it's at all like any of the other towns I've been to in the midwest, it's probably a great place. I absolutely love midwestern towns, especially midwestern college towns!

    Good luck with everything! I hope it goes very well!

  6. Alex,

    Thank you! Anderson is a very nice little town. So far, I have been enjoying it! The only thing I do not care for is the humidity, but that is not too big of an issue to me. I definitely am glad that I am in Indiana!