Thursday, September 16, 2010

2009 Mang Fei

This tea was among the samples sent to me by Fox. I thank him for his generosity.

The tea is comprised of 2009 spring maocha and the cakes were pressed and produced by Yunnan Sourcing.

The dry leaf aroma consists of honey, asparagus, and floral notes.
In the appearance of the leaf itself, one can tell this is decent quality. The compression of the cake sample was just enough for it to stay together, but not tight enough for me to take a hammer to it, which I have been tempted to do in the past...

The liquor presents legume, soy, wheat and saline aromas. It was a bit difficult to pull out some of the scents because I was a bit congested, but I managed.

I would have to say that the flavor profile of this tea was quite good. It consisted of a legume type taste up front with a nice astringency, and ended with some rather delicate floral notes. The aftertaste was sensed a long time after the tea was consumed.

A honey-like sweetness was present in the latter infusions, and the last cup reminded me of snow peas.

"Lower water temp for young shengs!!" I read this in my notes and had to laugh a bit. In brewing this tea, there were several tries involved.
In my first attempt, I used water just off the boil. For my personal tastes, cooler water is ideal for brewing very young sheng pu.
I do not like the bitterness presented when the water is overly hot.

The leaves look rather nice when contrasted against a terracotta color.

All in all, a good tea.



  1. Woot! I'm glad you enjoyed this one. I forgot I sent that...heck, I forgot I even had it! I have several things of tea scattered in different areas of my food cupboard. You make it sound I want to brew it again!


  2. Fox,

    Yes this one was quite excellent! Im not sure if I would buy a whole cake but It was a great sample! Thank you!

  3. Asparagus? Not sure I would have liked it (but this is just personal).

  4. Ice,

    I indeed see where you're coming from. The stronger vegetal tastes are a bit hard to appreciate sometimes!