Friday, September 24, 2010

Tipu's Instant Black Chai

Tipu's Chai recently contacted me and asked to review a sample of its Instant Black Chai.

I know what some of you are thinking; "Instant?!?"

I thought that too but I decided to give it a go. I seldom pass up an opportunity, especially in offers regarding tea.

This chai blend, as I found out, is not technically "instant" in the way one would think.
The mix is made up of very finely ground tea and spices meant to infuse very quick into milk or water; something almost to the equal of a matcha but in chai form.
Organic and FairTrade certified tea and spices gets me to thinking that this could end up being fairly decent tea.

The aroma of the powder is shockingly strong. Right as my scissors snip open the bag, I can smell black tea, ginger, peppercorn, anise, licorice, cardamom, cinnamon, and clove.
All of the expected scents of a chai.

I had read that this chai is quite potent, but that didn't stop me from loading up my cup with a bit over a teaspoon of the powder (I like strong chai).
There was a strong cup made, a weak cup, as well as an in-between cup so that I could gauge different strengths and how it affected the taste.

The aroma of the steaming milk was dominant of pepper, clove, and black tea. I was glad that the tea stood out among the spices so well.

Definitely a very spicy chai. It is rather brisk in its unsweet, natural state. The cloves leave a biting flavor. By the taste of the tea, one can tell that this was made with authentic spices. It is very well balanced and there are no clues or hints pointing toward unnatural ingredients.

One thing I found interesting about the chai is that I only liked it when it was steaming hot. I did not find it appealing when it cooled off some. I would think that sugar or honey would help that problem, but I did not have access to either commodity at the time. So, this chai is good either very hot, or very cold I would have to say.
If I ever do order some more of this chai, I will be experimenting on a chai latte. This would be a perfect blend for that application.

Tipu's Chai has a good name in my book.



  1. You are becoming a well-known expert.

    A spicy tea, I might like it.

  2. Ice,

    By no means an expert, just learning. But thank you kindly =]

    And yes if you like your tea with some kick, this would be a winner for you!

  3. If a company asks you to review one of their products, I'd say you're in the pro leagues now. You've been noticed, and your tea credentials certainly help.

    Hmph, I wish I could get sent samples to review. :(

    Chai...I can't remember exactly what it was like, but I don't remember liking it. Then again, it was so long ago that I had Chai, I can't say whether or not it was in my good books.

  4. Fox,

    Thank you. I appreciate your ongoing support for this blog!
    As far as getting samples sent, its not so much about credentials, its more about your passion for the product. Keep up your blog long enough and people notice you!

    Chai is interesting. I guess it is kind of one of those things to either love or hate.

  5. I have to agree with you William. Chai is either something you love or hate.

    I'll have to give Tipus another try, I just didn't care for the after taste.. was very black pepper-isn

  6. Jordan,

    I guess that is where we differ haha. I very much enjoy the black pepper!