Sunday, May 23, 2010


Well I am graduated.
No longer the property of the public school system.
Four years of work for a piece of paper in recognition of my achievements.


I am pleased to say that I now have a new toy.
A Canon EOS 7D
Thank you to my wonderful parents and grandparents who I love dearly.

I plan to major in video production, so this will be a useful instrument to aid me.
Tea reviews are on the way, but for now, enjoy my first shots with the Canon.



  1. Congrats Billy (Sir William). No matter what you do in the future, what you've accomplished means far more than the piece of paper.

    You've probably gotten tons of unwarranted advice the last few weeks/months. I won't bore you with that here.

    I will say that my friends I met after high school are great people and I love them very much. Dearly.

    But the friends I've kept since high school know me like no others can. They've seen me on and off over the years and they really 'get' me. I hope you have a few of those friends.

    They make life so much more valuable.

  2. lahikmajoe,

    Thank you =]
    And indeed I do have a few friends like such.
    No one could replace those few people.
    Makes life what it is!

  3. Congrats too! I hope your graduation was more meaningful to you than mine was. I was disillusioned with college when I graduated...didn't even go to the commencement ceremony. Looking back? It might have been a good idea to at least attend. I just felt marginalized, academically, the last year at my was easy to satisfy all the requirements, but I did not connect with the professors in my department, and I was frustrated with other students lack of desire for learning as much as I was with the professors narrowness in what constituted interesting or worthwhile things to work on or learn about.

  4. Alex,

    Thank you kindly!
    As far as college and professors go, that is still yet to come. This was high school.

    I have made valuable connections with my teachers though and I am very grateful, especially to the history teachers.

    The ceremony was nice, although it was long (468 in our graduating class).
    We were all excited to receive our diplomas though!
    I cannot wait until college. Fall of this year =]

  5. Congrats!

    I tell you, leaving high school is an odd feeling. Rather sad and melancholy, I feel.

    But you'll get over it soon enough. However, you will continue to reminisce always. I think some of the most lasting memories seem to arise in high school. Probably a mixture of coming of age and your awesome, silly, inspiring friends.

    Also, congrats on getting your own camera! Now you have joined us photographers. Photography is even more important to me than tea...a beautiful picture always says more than my embarrassingly bad tea reviews ever do.


  6. Fox,

    Thank you =]
    It really has not hit me yet. I still feel the same.
    Come august though, everything will be different!
    I will remember all of the good times and bad times in high school. Definitely worth living for those!
    And the camera is awesome. I cannot wait to use it to its full potential.
    Tea videos will be in the works. I just need a few things to do it haha.

  7. Congratulations.
    I know this ceremony is more important in the US than in Europe so I hope you enjoyed it.

    What are your plans for the future?

  8. Ice,

    Thank you very much =]
    I will be attending Anderson University, in Anderson, Indiana.
    I plan to major in video production with a minor in marketing (or some other business degree).
    Not sure after that. Have not planned it out yet haha