Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tangerine Toucha

I received this wonderful gift from my Aunt, who purchased it from Still Mountain Teas in Nevada City, CA.
I will be visiting California in mid June so I do hope to stop by this shop when I am there.

Moving onto the tea.

The toucha smells like a typical shu pu'erh.
Leather is the dominant aroma.
The fruity citrus notes stay subtle.

I crumble the tea and the tangerine shell into my gaiwan.
Hot water.

First infusion;
The aroma of the brew is slightly malty, almost like a black tea (yunnan) with a small herbal note.
The liquid has a bold mushroom taste with a lingering tangy/tart aftertaste.

Second infusion;
It is quite zesty, with a velvet smooth texture.
The richness of this tea is enjoyable.
A puckering aftertaste sets in at the last moments.

Third infusion;
Zest stays. Leather is brought out.
I like more of a leathery taste in shu pu'erh, as opposed to a damp soil shu.

Fourth infusion;
This infusion is much sweeter than the previous.
Zest stays. The variant in this brew is a taste that reminds me of tree bark.

Fifth infusion;
The earthy qualities vanish.
Lemon grass and chamomile are detected.
Strange for a pu'erh.
The zest is still present.

Sixth infusion;
The tea is coming to a close.
The final movement is simple.
Zesty sweet water.

I quite enjoyed this tea.
Shared with family, it was even better.



  1. Tangerine is for me a name that sounds like a song (don't ask why).
    An interesting tea.

  2. A pu'erh in a tangerine shell? This looks very interesting.

    I can't seem to find it on their website. :/

  3. Fox,

    Puerh shop sells these for a very decent price. Look on their website!

  4. Nope, not on Puerh Shop either. :/

  5. You know what?
    I never heard that song before, so it must be another one.