Tuesday, May 11, 2010

WuYi - Da Hong Pao

This is a yancha from Jing tea shop. I waited a while to try this one because I wanted the flavors to even out.
I figured this would be a good plan.

The dry leaf smells as I expected it to.
Roasted cocoa notes dominate. A dash of cardamom urges for my attention as well.

The first infusion smelled of nutty caramel.
A faint astringency is paired with toasted caramel notes.
Not so complex. Straight forward.

The second infusion;
exactly the same.

The third infusion showed some variation;
grainy notes came to mind; barley.
It was sweeter than the previous infusions.

Fourth infusion;
Sweet notes have turned into strawberry flavors.
The astringency remains present on the palate.

Fifth infusion;
Toasty tones linger along side a light mineral aspect.
This is an end to the tea.

Sometimes it is nice to relax with a simple tea.
This was an experience like so.

I enjoyed the session very much, as I was dabbling with my aunt about the tastes and how we perceived them.
It is an interesting thing that one can taste so different from another.

I also managed to chip my pot in the cleaning process.
I figure it adds some character.

I also decided to keep this tea for a while and see what age does to it.
I may roast it once in a while as well.
Future posts most likely are to come.



  1. No cardamon or cocoa in the flavour when you drink it?

  2. Da Hong Pao from Wuyi mountains is definitely one of my most favorite amber oolong teas, since I've read one wonderful article on it and Wuyi in general in a local tea magazine few years ago and tried it a while later.

    Nice review!

  3. Ice,

    Sometimes the aromas found do not transfer to the liquor. Tea is a strange thing.


    I enjoyed this tea very much. I will definitely have to taste a few more WuYi's to really get a feel for them, as I have only had maybe 6 different ones. The astringency of this tea surprised me though. I did not expect it!