Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nilgiri Frost STGFOP

Finally a review. It feels like it has been a while since one of these.
I got this sample from the black tea class I attended in April.

Nilgiri teas, as it seems, are not so well known in the tea world.
Just about the only thing that they are known for is not clouding when one makes iced tea.
In big industry brewing, nilgiri teas are mostly blended for this purpose.

I see it as somewhat of a waste.

This tea is wonderful on its own. The dry leaf smells slightly of muscatel, while the fruity hints stay in the background.

The liquor is very clear. There is a fresh aroma to it, and an orange acidity is noted.
There is something about a fresh smell that makes a tea so inviting.

The tea has a very light body.
The first taste observed is a floral character, blended with honey. The honey sweetness is just enough to accentuate the flavor, not drown it out.
Orange and sugar cane come forth when the liquor cools.
I tend to make nilgiri teas with a cooler water temperature (90c) to bring out the sweetness, not the astringency.

It was a refreshing session.
If anyone out there knows of a good supplier for nilgiri, please let me know.
I enjoy them very much and have a personal mission to seek out the best of the best of nilgiri.



  1. I feel you on your remark about how it's a waste that Nilgiri teas are mainly used in blending...this same comment could be true of a lot of other places where regional variability is blended out, such as Sri Lanka and Kenya.

    I have yet to try a single Nilgiri black tea...but I've tried a Nilgiri green unlike anything else I've ever tried (link is to my review).

    You also might want to check out RateTea.net's page on Nilgiri...if you want black teas (most of what is made there) click "list teas" under black teas. NONE of the Nilgiri black teas have been rated yet...but there are many companies in that list that are pretty reputable for their quality.

  2. Alex,

    I will have to take your suggestion on the Nilgiri green.
    I love single estate black teas because they have a depth and quality to them unlike anything else. Mid grown Ceylon teas are wonderful in their own right as well!
    Thank you for your suggestions and input! It is appreciated very much!