Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fallen Comrade

I love tea ware, all kinds of tea ware.

As of tonight, I despise glass tea ware.
Specifically untempered glass tea ware.

Glass tea ware is beautiful, but not so forgiving.

I do not like when I accidentally forget to warm up the vessel because then it shatters on any contact with hot water.

Sometimes I don't like being so careful.
Yixing from now on.

I loved this piece too...



  1. Ooops.
    I hope it didn't cost too much.

  2. Ice,

    It didn't cost too much. But I would have rather not seen it go!



    Man, that sucks dude. Sorry to hear about it.


  4. It's always sad when you break a favorite piece of glassware or ceramic. The only glass teaware I've used was a very hardy mug that could take boiling water without being warmed up.

    I tend to break things by dropping them on the floor accidentally. Lost two of my favorite mugs last year that way! I've never lost a teapot though...they tend to stay on the counter or table rather than going out and about where they are at higher risk.

  5. Fox,

    Its all good.
    The other piece that I bought with it, a glass mug style gaiwan, broke on the journey back from california. The only glass items that I have now are a pair of double walled cups, and an already chipped glass gaiwan. Goodness me.


    Yes it is a bit sad, but it gives me a good excuse to go out and buy another!
    Usually im in one place when I drink tea. Im not so portable as yourself!

  6. Hello Sir,

    Yes, untempered glass is a bitch. For a fair cup, though, I'd recommend something glazed like porcelain or celadon if you can get a decent one--yixing is a lot more likely to produce specific (not always welcome) effects on different teas. Broken teaware=broken hearts.

  7. Zero,

    Yeah I was thinking about getting a porcelain one. Probably just white. Something neutral. I already have a yixing fair cup and so far I have not noticed negative effects on tea and I use it for everything. But I shall take your advice definitely!