Monday, April 19, 2010

2003 Anxi Tie Guan Yin

In the land of perpetual sunlight, there happens to be a rainy, muggy day.
To comfort me, this Tie Guan Yin, compliments of Jing Tea shop.
Could not have picked a better choice.

The dry leaf is pungent of roasted cocoa; almost like a dark chocolate, with a dash of cinnamon.
The sweetness presents itself to the nose already.

The first infusion;
heavy chocolate aroma.
The liquor is on the light side, but my mouth is filled with a sweetness present of anise and pumpkin.
A wonderful prelude to this tea.

The roasted notes take control in this movement.
The undertone of sugary sweetness lingers.

Chocolate and berries dance on the tongue.
But it is not an overpowering sensation.

Spicy. Cloves, anise, cinnamon...
then a caramel arises.

The following infusions play around with the said flavor notes.
This tea is sensational.

After eleven infusions, I am tea drunk.
Maybe the worst I have ever been.

It is excellent.

Rainy day blues are resolved.




    "Everybody must get stoned" - Rainy Day Women #12 and 35.

    Wow, this tea sounds fantastic! You always seem to order nothing but the best.

    How much did you get? Just a 25gr sample? Or 100 gr?

  2. Fox,

    Im not too critical of a tea for the most part. I take it for what it is.
    I have run across some bad teas but I just do not post about them.

    I ordered a sample size. If I had more I would definitely send some to you!
    But in your next order from Jing, I recommend this tea!
    The other good thing about it; it never gets bitter. I left one of the earlier infusions to brew for three minutes (gong fu style, 3 mins is a LONG time!) and it was not the slightest bit bitter!

  3. It's fascinating to me how diverse Tie Guan Yin can be...this one sounds totally unlike any I've tried.

  4. Alex,

    I do believe that it could just be the aging on this specific one. Although I have tried several aged TGYs I am not well versed enough to be a trustworthy source of information!

  5. I was unable to find this tea on Jing Tea's you have a link to it? Do you know if it is still available?

  6. Alex,