Sunday, April 4, 2010

Alishan High Mountain

Another tea from Ten Ren.
All I was told is that it is an Alishan High Grown tea. It is quite beautiful.

The dry leaf emits a very buttery aroma.
Somewhere there can also be found a light hint of rose; very light.

From the cup comes a very light sweet and sour, grassy scent.
Very pleasing.

The first infusion is made with my freshly gathered spring water.
Velvet smooth with a semi-sour citrus hint.
After the citrus hit, the butter is noted as the liquor slides down. No astringency to be found.

The second infusion: The cream is prevalent as the first taste now, and the citrus follows.
A light astringency brings the balance needed to complete the taste.

The third infusion is sipped. All three tastes, sweet, sour, and cream, are blended harmoniously. Well rounded, and bright, this infusion is the favorite of my taste.

The tea lasts for a long while.

Very much enjoyed. Green oolongs are a personal favorite.
For as pricey as this tea was ($50 for 3 oz) it is well worth it.



  1. Personally this is one of my favorite teas, I am however more partial to the second infusion which has a more buttery taste light astringency and leaves your pallet with a very nice velvety after taste. Coincidentally I am drinking a cup now!

  2. William,

    Sounds like a wonderful tea. Spring Alishan Oolong has been quite the rarity this year.


  3. Matt,

    This tea was a score to find! When they made a sample in the shop, I had to have it!
    I am going to be ordering a few more alishans in the near future!