Saturday, April 17, 2010

Teas to review...

Arrived back home late last night from California.
The tea class was a success and I am currently the youngest graduate of level III STI program.

I met many people and gained helpful contacts.

I also snagged a few teas there, and my order from Jing tea shop showed up.

Teas that you should be expecting reviews on in the future are...

-Guangdi Song Zhen
-2003 Anxi Xi Ping Aged Tie Guan Yin
-Anxi Rou Gui
-Wuyi Qi Lan
-Wuyi Da Hong Pao
-Mystery Sichuan Compressed Black tea brick (given to me by one of my classmates)
-Mystery Uncooked Pu'erh (given to me by one of the instructors)
-Nilgiri Frost STGFOP (one of the teas that was sampled in the class)

And since Disney Land was nearby, my mother gave me a gift of Mad Hatter tea.
It is a flavored tea but I will review it for fun!
Gracious mother of mine!



  1. Am curious about these teas you mention. Something about 'mystery tea brick' makes me want to know more.

  2. lahikmajoe,

    It is a very intriguing tea!
    The woman who I obtained it from specified that it is a branch off of a pu'erh style tea, but not specifically pu'erh.
    I am anxious to sample it as well!

  3. HOORAY :D

    I can't wait to hear about these.

    Congratulations on attaining Level III. I shall now think of you as 'young master'.

    I've got 4 teas currently on order, 3 samples from Jing Tea Shop and 1 (200g) cake from Yunnan Sourcing. Stay tuned!


  4. Fox,

    Cannot wait to read the reviews!
    I enjoy them!