Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mountain Spring Water

Today was a good day for a hike. I went with a good friend of mine.
The scenery was beautiful and I only wish I had photos to share with you.

Climbing over boulders, through trees and bushes, fighting our way through the terrain; it was all quite thrilling.

There was a reason I went on this hike. Good company, awe-inspiring landscapes, and...fresh spring water.
The trail ended at a free flowing spring. I downed the rest of my water, trekked to the foot of the small falls, and filled the bottle.
This will make a good cup of tea.



  1. I really notice how different water tastes different; I've never tried gathering mountain spring water for tea...maybe I should though! =)

    So far, my favorite water has to be the tap water in Cleveland, Ohio. I know it sounds strange, but I just love it. I also have had some pretty outstanding well water in Maine...and well water is interesting because each well tastes totally different.

  2. Alex,

    My personal favorite water for brewing tea is Nestle Pure Life!
    And I suppose I would not consider tap water prime for tea brewing but it all is up to personal taste right? =]
    I have not tried the spring water yet! I will post when I use it for a tea! Thank you for reading!