Sunday, November 7, 2010

Autumn Photography

See more photographs at my Photobucket album.


  1. Nice photos but I prefer those with leaves (this is just a personal taste as for me autumn=leaves).

  2. Ice,

    I am glad you enjoy the photos! I love the close-ups of leaves; it really brings out autumn colors!

  3. I've developed a real liking for muddy pools in late autumn, winter, and early spring. I used to see them as ugly, dirty. Now I see them as part of an ecosystem. There are even species, such as the (unfortunately, now endangered) Rusty blackbird, that specialize in muddy, leaf-filled water in forested areas.

    I can't help but wonder if the fact that this particular species of bird is endangered (as opposed to grackles, which like pine trees and agricultural fields) is connected to the fact that most humans don't have much of an appreciation for murky, leaf-filled water.

    Maybe photography and art can indirectly help save species like this; by teaching people to see the beauty where it currently is going unappreciated, you may slowly change people's aesthetics, which could have sweeping repercussions in terms of the way we interact with our natural environment, hopefully leading to tangible conservation results.

  4. Alex,

    To me, nature is something beautiful. Any part of nature; wildlife, scenery, landscapes, and ecosystems. If, somehow, through photographs and art people started to appreciate nature for what it is and not concentrate on urbanizing all areas of the Earth, I would be pleased. This would be a wonderful contribution! I am so pleased you brought up these points!
    Perhaps there should be more people such as yourself helping to preserve nature for what it truly is.
    Thank you, Alex, for you always insightful contributions to this blog! They are appreciated very much!