Thursday, August 12, 2010

Huang Shan Hair Tip

This is another offering from Arbor Teas.

My first experience with a Huang Shan Mao Feng was a less than positive experience.
I bought a sample pack from a company I will not mention. It was a pack of the Top Ten Famous Teas from China.
This was one of the teas included in this pack.
I was just venturing into the tea world at the time and I had only read a few books and experimented with a few teas.
When I brewed this tea, I found it to be much to earthy, a bit bitter, and almost smokey.
I do not remember if this was due to my lack of brewing capabilities, or to the fact that this may have not been a very well prepared tea.
In either case, I was cautious whenever I ran across a tea like such.
This tea has changed my mind quite a bit.

The dry leaf emitted the aromas of almond, pine and cocoa.
Almond and pine were somewhat expected. Cocoa threw me a curve.

The infusion;
from the cup, there was a light aroma. There was a floral aspect to it; lavender.

Nutty aspects paired well with woodsy evergreen.
A fresh, well balanced astringency took hold of my mouth.

The liquor left me with a sweet and sour, green apple trait.

The infusions were drawn out much past my expectancy.

Hay became a pronounced flavor in the latter infusions.

To end the session; smooth butter.
A great finale to a somewhat simplistic tea.

This tea treated me to a wonderful session; a getaway.



  1. Green apple? Not Granny Smith by luck?

  2. The only mao feng green I've tried has been from Teavana; it was good, but not amazing relative to other greens of similar or lower price, and from my experience with their other teas, I suspect that if I shop around I may be able to find a tea of comparable quality for a much lower price.

    I still have to get on adding Arbor Teas to, I've gotten behind on work due to my travel this past month!

  3. Alex,

    The only thing I have ever bought from Teavana is a teapot. I do not trust the integrity of their teas.
    Arbor tea, on the other hand, has great quality teas for a very reasonable price! As well as their outstanding work toward sustainability in the tea industry!
    This Mao Feng would be a great introduction to how they should taste! I would recommend it definitely!