Friday, July 30, 2010

Tai Ping Hou Kui

A purchase from JK Tea Shop.

This tea has one of the most beautifully crafted dry leaves.
Country; China.
Province; Anhui.
District; Huangshan.
This tea was small farm processed and produced.

Production is as follows: leaves are plucked; withered; pan fired; pressed and flattened; then roasted (I believe).

The dry leaf has a distinct aroma of honeydew and roasted chestnut. It is quite fresh. There is also a striking smell of rubber or something of that sort. I could be mistaken, though.

The first infusion was sweetly vegetal. A mild sour astringency is felt on the tongue and in the back of the throat. The rubber displays in the texture. The liquor is sticky in feel.

The second infusion;
The taste reminds me of stevia and snow pea.
Flavor is lighter on the whole, and it is quite light in color.

The plucking standard is two leaves, no bud.
This gives the tea great body, and almost no bitterness. The tea can be left brewing for quite a while and not gain any bitter qualities.

This is a great example of a taiping houkui, but it is not the best one on the market. But for the price, it is fairly decent.
I find this tea to be wonderful during the summertime.



  1. Stevia and snow pea? Quite a saccharine tea there.

  2. No bitterness, great.
    I enjoy reading your reviews, especially when you decribe the tastes (sometimes I don't even know what is the taste you are describing :P).

  3. Fox,

    The sweetness is fairly strong compared to other chinese greens!


    Tasting is a hard skill to develop! I am glad you enjoy the descriptions!

  4. I like your descriptions as well, and your photos are great.

  5. Lahikmajoe,

    Thank you. I suppose my blog is not as fun of a read as yours is but the photos make up for that I would hope! I am going to start to expand my blog a bit to make it more inclusive as well. So be ready for more of a variety of posts in the near future (hopefully come late august)!