Thursday, January 26, 2012

DongDing Charcoal Roasted

The wonderful folks at ChanTeas graciously sent me a couple samples of tea! This is one I was quite excited to try.

As all TungTing (DongDing) teas I have had, the leaves are pretty small and tightly compressed. They look great, and smell fantastic.
There is a surprisingly green smell, like fresh grass, coming off the leaves. A woody background is present, as well as the lingering smell of stone fruit!

The charcoal scent really presents itself in the wet leaf as it cools off after the initial rinse. Authentic? I think yes. I am just not sure on the year...(anyone care to fill me in?)

It is very relaxing and warming in its presentation and characteristics. This is exactly what I need at the moment. I need to bring myself back from stress and the hustle and bustle of everyday life for a college student and business owner.

The aroma of the liquor is enticing. It seems sweet, yet balanced.
Stone fruit, vanilla, roast, and a light scent of hazelnut complete the aromatic spectrum of this tea.

As for the flavor,

Lots of peaches.

A fresh, juicy peach.

Absolutely astounding that a tea can be this fruity. I find it wonderfully appealing!

The tea is smooth in texture, and does not have a heavy roasted flavor. A roast, to me, is meant to compliment and enhance the existing flavors. The roast on this tea is a great example of how to execute this properly.
The finish is clean.
Just a ghostly hint of the tea's character.

The sweet, peachy notes of the tea slowly recede as the session goes on.

Fantastic tea.

And now, off to sample some coffee for business!
Perhaps a new alias is on the horizon...Sir William of the Bean...?

We shall see!



  1. Along with Alishan High Mountain tea, Dong Ding is the reason why tea lovers shouldn't skip over Taiwan. Darn, now I am looking at flights to Taipei :p

  2. Peonyts,

    Yes! Taiwan oolong are my favorite!

    1. Dear William,
      I confirm Chan Teas offers very good teas and utensils.
      In addition a team is young, unpretentious:just desire to practice the wonderful great time with tea leaves.
      See You later.

    2. Philippe,

      I have one more sample of theirs to try (a shengpu) and I am quite looking forward to it!
      The fact that they are young and ambitious is a wonderful thing for the industry. It shows that within my (our) generation, there is growing interest in the leaf!

  3. How many times did you use the tea? My experience for this type of wulong is also that you can use it more than 10 times.

    1. Mondeduthe,

      I have noticed that this oolong doesn't hold up to too many steepings, but on the upside, they are fantastic steepings!
      I probably brewed this tea 6 times with wonderful results!