Saturday, January 1, 2011

Supreme Organic Dragon Well

Happy New Year to each and every one of you dedicated (or first time) readers of this blog. I find that with the coming of the new year, more than likely, people construct resolutions. To all those of you who participated in this tradition, good luck to you. For all those who were uninterested or just a bit lackluster, I concur. The only thought I had was, “Find and drink better tea,” but I realized that action has been ongoing since I first fell into my passionate interest for the leaf. So be it.

This tea that the new year has been brought in with is an offering from Bird Pick. It has been sitting in my “To review” pile for a while. I had been too busy with holiday festivities, socialization, and relaxation to consume my ever growing collection and append the entire process in the written and captured fashion.

I have also been taking advantage of the opportunity to fulfill another of my hobbies while I have the chance.

In Indiana, there is no place close to what is in New Mexico. I can honestly say, I am a desert rat at heart.

This is a Supreme Organic Dragon Well green tea.

The dry leaf exhibits chestnuts (only they were not, at the time “roasting on an open fire”), fresh spinach and dry vegetation, of course referring to some form of dry, piled leaves, various twigs, and a bit of hay perhaps.

The water is cooled to the appropriate temperature and the brewing process begins.

The aroma of the liquor is heavily laden with sweet grass. Floral tones and pears are barely sensed.

Once upon the palate, green apples and grass begin the flavor profile. A very light roast finishes off the taste, and leaves behind a delicate astringency. Given time, though, the astringency becomes very powerful. Before my next batch is prepared, my mouth cannot even salivate.

This is one of the most sensitive Dragon Wells I have ever encountered. It is overly persnickety in every aspect. It took me a few tries to understand the correct method to brewing of this tea.

One of the characteristics I enjoy about this tea is that as the tea is brewed more and more, the flavor becomes sweeter. I have not had many teas that possess this quality, but I enjoy and appreciate it.

Thank you to Bird Pick, and again, a Happy New Year to all!



  1. Happy New Year to you too.
    Last time I heard about Desert Rats, they were British :P

    You got me interested in your tea.
    I will add it to my shopping list.

  2. Ice,

    To be completely honest, I am glad I am the American kind of desert rat! The British "Desert Rats" saw way too much action for my liking! =p