Sunday, July 25, 2010

Images and Tea

Tea making is a simple process.
Heat the water,
steep the leaves,
drink the tea.

In a small cottage I was staying at for a while, that was my way of thought.
No fancy utensils.
Just enough to get me by.

These are all shots in and around where the cottage was located.
Enjoy the images.

Feedback welcome.
I am a novice with a camera, still photo wise.



  1. Beautiful photos and even more beautiful place! There is nothing better than drinking tea in places like this, seriously. And as you said, at these times, no fancy utensils are needed - they are completely replaced by breathtaking perfection of nature.
    Great post.

  2. Nice pictures.
    It looks like a nice place.

  3. Michal,

    It was quite a place! I enjoyed every minute of my stay. The tea I made somehow tasted better when in these kind of surroundings! Thank you!


    It was a beautiful place! It is a very small gem of northern California.