Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dong Ding

My last sample from Naivetea.
I have enjoyed them all so far!

The dry leaf is a bit dark, it almost has the color of a gunpowder. The leaves are rolled in smaller pearls, but I do believe that has something to do with leaf size. The higher the altitude, usually the smaller the leaves.

It smells like toasted buttermilk bread. The roast and hints of cream are showing. There is also an aroma I find common to almost all Dong Dings; cucumber.

The liquor had a nice mixed aroma.
Barley and chamomile.
Also a bit of sweet fruit, along the lines of a nectarine.

The brew had a sweet entrance. Light peach flavors show first.
A woody / dry leaf taste was next to come. There was no astringency to be found.
The texture was mildly brothy and overall quite savory.
Dong Dings usually are not a tea I would consider a favorite of mine, but this one did not give me any bad or unwanted flavors.

In the latter infusions, more of the slight roast is imparted into the liquid.
The representative cucumber taste is pronounced.
The tea takes on a more rounded flavor profile as the leaves continually release their bounty.
The light caramel color of the liquor remains a constant throughout the infusions. I must say, this tea has endurance.

Dong Ding is a specialty of Taiwan. I enjoy the fruits of their labor.

The leaves never quite fully expanded, but I have come to notice that firing creates a stiffer leaf. There is not a waxy look or feel to the leaf.
The wet leaves are almost coarse. The varying degrees of oxidation on each leaf is something I look for. It should be almost uniform throughout, and in this, it is.
I am glad to have had the opportunity of tasting these teas.
Once again, a thank you to Mr. Lai.


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