Monday, June 28, 2010

Shan Lin Shi Oolong

This tea is another contender in my formidable lineup of Naivetea samples.
I am on a roll with the Taiwan green oolongs!
I have not been disappointed yet. Good teas, each and every one.

This tea has the biggest pearled leaves out of the bunch.
They are a dark shade of blue-green, with the occasional stem. Good accent marks.

The leaves smell of lavender and lemon verbena. I can sense a creamy sweetness just in the aroma itself.
The aroma did not hit me as strongly as some of the other teas did, but it makes for good variety.

The tea displays a few pronounced notes, but in substance is not all that complex.
Sometimes a simple tea does the job.

The tastes up front consist of mild citrus rind, salt, wildflowers and rose.
Taste is great, but what makes this tea special is the texture.

The texture is creamy, rich, full and in the later infusions, eggy and brothy.
This tea makes itself known by its distinct textural qualities.
Every tea to its own.

It was storming while I was tasting this, and so I am pleased that this tea was more geared for comfort, i.e void of complex tastes and aromas.
It is pretty straightforward. What you see is what you get. I'll drink to that.

As with most leftover gong fu leaves, I mug steeped them after the session.
It still put out flavor and really kept me intrigued.
Thank you Mr. Lai, once again!


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