Monday, March 19, 2012

Premium Keemun Hao Ya

I have quite a few more samples from Teavivre to post on here, so keep on the lookout!

This is a Keemun from Qimen, a province in Anhui. It was processed in June, 2011.
Ignore the word "premium." It really doesn't have a meaning besides that the leaves may have been a better looking batch. Its all about taste!

The dry leaf had a typical Keemun smell.
Plum, raisin, and sweet bread, almost like pan dulce!
An evergreen smell wafted from the leaves as well. This component of the aroma balanced the sweet, fruity smells.

The tea was quite tasty!
A savory/sweet fruit taste dominated the entrance and filled my mouth and nose.
The aftertaste was comprised of light smoke and wood. The two different tastes made for a unique experience.

The tea is definitely not as smooth as it should be (in my opinion). There is a slight bite on the back of the throat when the tea is swallowed.
As I come to the end of the bowl, cinnamon and anise tastes come forward. I would have liked to see those tastes a bit more on the entrance.

All in all, not a bad tea, but not my favorite sample.


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