Friday, January 13, 2012

Yerba Mate Latte

I have been keeping up with industry trends surrounding tea and coffee, especially when it comes to retail locations and cafes. There are some very good resources out there for people wanting to learn more.
Today's blog has come about out of an inspiring article in Fresh Cup magazine, titled "Building your non-coffee menu."

I have thought about doing this for quite sometime, but never had the means or the know-how. I recently bought a (cheap) espresso machine, and have been studying up on coffee for a while now.
It was time to try the Yerba Mate Latte to the best of my abilities.

The mate is put into the built in strainer, which water is then forced through at a high temperature and pressure. This is what gives espresso its bold, although, creamy flavor and texture.

The yerba mate comes out quite dark and quite hot. I didn't know how the leaves would stand up to the temperature. When I brew mate (especially when done in a gourd) I like to brew it at around 150 because there is such a high volume of leaves. If I brew it too hot, there is too much bitterness and bite.
I figured milk would help tone that down though.

Final outcome?

Not bad. It could use some honey, or perhaps 2% instead of whole milk. Or possibly soy, which is my favorite choice in a latte or cappuccino.

It is a mild, grassy flavor that is easy on the stomach. I quite enjoyed the two cups I was able to make!

It may be smart to experiment with other herbs or teas. One that came to mind immediately was rooibos. Perhaps another day!



  1. I recently stumbled upon and ordered to try a beverage called "Choffy" (brand name -- I've seen one other for sale online, as well): cocoa beans, roasted and ground to be prepared as coffee. I've so far had it in a french press, which is delicious; I've begun wondering how it would fare with espresso treatment.

    Maybe you've already run into this beverage idea, or you don't like chocolate, but just throwing it out there in case. :)

  2. I'll have to see if my local coffee shop can do that one for me. Plus, Yerba Mate Latte sounds cool to say :-)

  3. Hugin,

    Sounds awesome! A coffee and chocolate combo would be excellent, especially made in an espresso fashion! I'll have to look into it!


    Perhaps they will! Not sure how close you are to the baristas but maybe you can convince them! Thank you!

  4. I put plain, red rooibos through my espresso machine yesterday. Quite tasty.

  5. Ich,

    I had heard about that as well! I didn't know how good it was though, but I am glad to hear it was good!