Tuesday, September 27, 2011

To Re-learn That Which is All too Familiar...

Classes were cancelled today due to a small tragedy at our university which occurred last night. A fire started in a part of the school of business (where most of my day is spent), and smoke filled the entire building. Workers will spend all of today and possibly this next week venting the building and cleaning soot.

I decided to take the day and spend it with a dearly missed friend of mine; GongFuCha.

Can you guess what cake this is? I have seen it on a few blogs so far...

I realized something about GongFu today though.
I realized that I have lost the knack to properly prepare one (probably more) of my favorite sheng'pu teas.

GongFu is, for me, a method of preparation and a way to focus completely on the tea set before me. With all my past reviews, I have prepared the tea (for the most part) in a way most would describe as GongFu.

As noted in my previous post, I have been rather busy and the only teas I have been drinking are simple pleasures that I can throw into my two tea tumblers and take to go. This has put a dent in the way which I normally prepare my teas.

Getting to know a tea by GongFu teaches you much about what the tea is and how best to release its full potential. In brewing the aforementioned sheng'pu, I just couldn't get it to taste the way I remember it. I will surely be making a stronger effort to integrate GongFu into my daily happenings.



  1. Very good choice! I realy like that tea :-) Have you tried another Labels from LF edition?
    And very nice shiboridashi from Peter :-)

  2. Branislav,

    I have the Green Label, and it is a great tea as well! Petr's wares are fantastic!