Friday, March 25, 2011

Tea Therapy

As you can tell, my posting frequency has been lacking. This is due to a few factors; business endeavors, school, competition practice (for a business program) and the fact of my camera being used for filming purposes.

All of these factors, including the lack of a good tea session at least once every two days, have contributed to an increased amount of stress in my life. I have not been as productive as I should be as I can see through the quality of the work I have been putting out.

I will be stress free come this Monday, but until then today was my last day to bask in the serenity of an uninterrupted session with a beautiful tea.

Compliments of Gingko, a Wuyi Bai Rui Xiang was my accompaniment for the day.
(I will be reviewing all of the teas sent by you, @Gingko, after Monday when my schedule frees up!)

When I review a tea, I spend quality time and devote my focus on that tea. The tea experience must be made from all dimensions of one's perception. As I have not had adequate time for this, I have been brewing lower quality tea on the go (thank goodness for Tea Travelers from Tea's Etc..).

Today I decided to spend a different kind of time with the yancha that was before me.

I drank, and drank, and drank, and drank, and drank, and drank and drank....

I pushed this tea quite hard...I almost feel bad for the poor leaves...
To put it lightly, I was quite happy by the end of this teas existence. I suppose that when one ingests almost intolerable quantities of this magic elixir, it starts to have an impact on hormones (or something related to the endorphins that your body produces).

I do feel quite accomplished (and a bit loopy), and will continue on the day in brighter spirits!



  1. Yeah, I agree that drinking very large amounts of tea can do strange things to the body. I used to drink over 2 liters of sencha every day, and after about one month of doing that I developed something I called 'green tea sickness'. So, at least in my case, there is a point of diminishing returns when it comes to the quantity of tea consumed. Good posting, and good luck with college!

    The Green Poet(formerly known as Mr. Cha)

  2. Green Poet,

    That is quite the sickness! What did that entail? I am sorry for your misfortune! I have only had positive experiences with the over indulgence of tea!
    I thank you! College is sure an experience!!


  3. Hi Billy, take your time and don't worry about reviewing the tea soon. I myself am guilty of not having opened some sample packs from last spring :-p I think one of the best things about tea is it allows you to stay in a no-hurry state, doing nothing and day dreaming :D

  4. Gingko,

    Thank you! I am looking forward to reviewing those teas, especially the mini oolong brick!

  5. Greetings Sir William;

    I am writing from La Iguana Restaurant in Las Cruces, where I met some really cool adults who know you well. Hope to learn about tea, so I am following your posts. Hope you are less stressed this week.

  6. Mary,

    Thank you for stopping by! I have visited La Iguana once when I was back in NM for spring break. I enjoy the atmosphere and the feel of the restaurant! And indeed, those cool adults were probably of some relation to me!
    I hope you continue reading, and continue to learn! If there is anything you feel I should post about, please let me know!