Sunday, February 6, 2011

If any of you follow Leafbox Tea, you are probably aware of the Admin's new project;

The concept will be a major benefit to the tea community if more passionate tea lovers are aware of the resources that will be available to them through this platform.

Companies selling tea.

Individuals selling tea.

Everyone selling tea either bulk or in small quantities out of their personal stash.

There will be a vast collection all in one single place.

Another benefit of this is that I can host my blog on a Wordpress format. So all of you who cannot follow my blogger, perhaps this will be of use to you.

Visit for more details on this revolutionary new concept.



  1. definitely looks interesting. I'm curious to see how it unfolds!


    If people are having trouble following blogger blogs, you can use the RSS Feed. Your feed is:

    You can link to this in your sidebar if you want to make it easier for people. I've considered doing this.

  2. Alex,

    I am thrilled that the idea is coming together! I cannot wait for the final product!

    And thank you! I will look over it and see! That could be pretty beneficial!

  3. I look forward to this website launch too.

  4. Ice,

    I believe it will do great things within the industry!