Monday, October 25, 2010

Dunn Hall Tea Time

I live in Dunn Hall. I am surrounded by the best, most diverse group of guys I have ever met.
In Dunn Hall there are a variety of traditions, some of which I shall not disclose. One of them, however, is very fitting to the context of this blog.

Dunn Hall Tea Time has been an almost weekly event for about a year.
One of the students organized and hosted this tea time. We became acquainted (naturally, as I tend to happen upon anything relating to tea) and I jumped on the opportunity to be involved.
There were about 12 people that attended.

I brought and served an interpretation of an eight treasures tisane blend, and a 2009 autumnal flush darjeeling.

The man hosting the event brought a chocolate mint black tea, and a few Chinese greens and oolongs.
All were well received.

It was an enjoyable time of intellectual conversation, musical talent and appreciation, opposing opinions and good old fashioned brotherhood.

I feel like I am doing my part in spreading the love of tea to my eclectic generation.


P.S. I am sorry about the photo quality. These pictures were taken with my phone. I have been trying to set up mobile blogging (android OS has an app for that) but I have to do some troubleshooting before I have it running smoothly.


  1. I think it's great when college students get excited about tea. I've helped organize (and provided tea for) two tea-tastings / sharings at the U. of Delaware, both as programs in the dorms. I am thinking of writing about them in my blog but have not done so yet.

  2. That's an interesting tradition, I never had such a club/group.

  3. Alex,

    It would be neat to hear about your experiences with tea and colleges. That is now an interesting subject for me (being that I am attending college).


    It is a great time. Even though the event really is not centered around the tea, one can really see how tea brings people together!

  4. Nice! We didn't have tea gatherings like this in college! But I do miss the "old fashioned brotherhood" in college time!

  5. Gingko,

    The brotherhood is wonderful! That is what this whole college is all about! The tea time is a big plus though =]

  6. William!

    I am jealous of your post-secondary tea fellowship. I've never been around people who like tea like you and I do. I'm alone whenever I have my tea. :/

  7. Fox,

    I just do my best to open people's eyes to tea. It is a bit easier to do in a college dorm room because I am around people constantly!
    Having tea alone sometimes can be a very great experience, but it is nice to have someone to share with! I hope you find a tea drinking companion very soon! =]